Are All Music Studios The Same?

Here's Why The Springfield Conservatory of Music is the Right Choice

Instructors with qualifications such as: University degrees in music, various performance experience, and prior backgrounds in teaching

Private lessons provided to ensure that students learn in a manner that is best suited for them

Students are able to choose from jazz, blues, rock or classical instruction, with the option to mix it up

Instruction available for children as young as 3 through to adults

Ability to schedule private lessons for 2 or more family members at the same time to avoid hours of waiting and driving to different lesson providers each week

Optional low pressure recitals offered at least twice a year

Desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day

Lesson books available at our location

We are not a music store. Our only focus is on education

Instrument rentals available to help be sure of an instrument selection

Smaller pianos for the younger beginner and grand pianos for the advanced student

Goal orientated curriculum offered with progress reports and evaluations

Rewards given to students who work hard and achieve their goals

Inspiring lesson rooms of a comfortable room size

Student or parents are never required to fund raise for studio events