Our Lesson Rooms

Acoustic pianos are available in every lesson room. Younger students are able to begin on an upright piano which enables them to easily view their music. As students progress baby grand and grand pianos are available. in our lesson rooms.

This enables students to explore further with the full color tones of a larger instrument. This also helps prepare our students for recitals and concerts Many of our teaching rooms have two pianos,enabling students and teachers to play four to eight hand duets.

Lessons on professional stage keyboards are also available. Students have the option of having a standard piano lesson on keyboards or expanding their lesson into keyboard operations and electronic music. Students will be able to review what they have learned in their keyboard lesson by scheduling a time with us to use this room.

Beginning Instruments

Piano Lessons: Although it is ideal for a beginning piano student to have a piano at home to practice on students may begin by practicing on a keyboard.

A good starter keyboard includes the following:

  • 61 or more keys (including black and white)
  • Touch sensitive (ability to play loud and soft without changing the volume
  • Keyboard Stand (students should not practice on the floor, or on tables, etc)
  • Adjustable keyboard bench (usually sold separately)

We are always available to help our students select the right instrument to practice on. An average piano can cost $400 to move. Therefor it is sometimes advisable to have younger students begin with a keyboard which costs $100-$200 to begin their practice sessions. Better technique is developed by practicing on an acoustic piano. Students should have a piano at home no later than their third year of study.

For the rock and roll student professional keyboards are available in our studios for students to study the way to use a keyboard in today's music.